The Inventory Reduction Act (IRA) of 2020 gives you this opportunity for these onetime specials through August 31st. For more details and even more specials, consult our website.
● Magnetic Ball Bearing Watches - knock-offs that look great, at a fraction of the price; various style bands & colors; $55
● Convertible Shoulder/Cross-Body Hobo Bag Backpack; very sturdy leather, single zip strap separates into 2 shoulder straps; approx 14x10x10 in.; $45
● Our "Everything" Leather Shoulder Bag with 7 compartments, including 2 full size internal pockets for a Braille display; main compartments are 10x6 in.; $25
● Soundbox Induction Amplifier Speakers; no wires, no bluetooth; just put your Victor Stream, phone, or even your Echo Dot on top & get room-filling sound with 3x volume. 5 assorted plastic & wooden models; listen to our exhibit demo; $30 - $75
● Earbuds with Case; Our annual Convention Tradition; wired ILUV earbuds with microphone & volume control in a leather squeeze pouch; $10 (or 5 for $40
● Leather Utility Wallet; top zipper case with a 4 x 6 in. center compartment and 2 zipered sides; can hold phone, Trek, or Stream; very rugged; $15 each; 3 for $30
● Leather Neck Pouch: our most popular item, 500 sold, works great with AIRA, hands free with adjustable paracord; graduated slots for most phones; can also hold Orbit Writer; $15 or 3 for $30
● 3-in-1 Ten-Foot Charging or Syncing, Braided Heavy Duty Rope Cable; lightning, micro usb, and USBC connectors which can all be used at the same time; this may be the last cable you buy; $20 or $$30 with utility wallet.
● iPhone Battery Case; best battery case we have ever found; 5000 MAH; works with Iphone 8, 7, and new SE2; raised charging button on back; 10 to 14 hours extra talk time; $52
● PowerCube; unique travel sized multiple power station with 3 USB ports & 3 AC outlets, all in a 2 inch metal cube with a heavy duty 4 foot cord; $35
● Tiger Electronics Talking Tennis Racquet is back; the best game for blind people that was never intended for us; you move your body & play a real tennis game against this racquet computer; excellent exercise; brand new; very limited supply; will come with tutorial; listen to exhibit demo; $75
● INFRARED TALKING FOREHEAD THERMOMETERS; we have bought every model to find the ones that work best & we have about 20 of them; two models seem to have slightly better calibration for accuracy: $70 or $90
● BONUS OFFER: Customers spending over $100, not including the Orbit Writer bundle or the InsideOne computer, will, in addition to free shipping, also receive a free 32 GB SD card with your order
● ORBIT WRITER BUNDLE! Please pay attention to this! We are offering a unique bundle to celebrate the launch of the new Orbit Writer Bluetooth Braille Keyboard; will include: $99.95 keyboard, protective sleeve with Velcro $15, our neck pouch described above; $120 with free shipping.
Contact Information:
For Gadgets and Leather, please email Barry Scheur at bscheur@scheur.com or call me at 617-969-7500; For "everything dog" please email KaeAnn Rausch at GuideLightDogs@gmail.com
or by calling at 781-286-1696.
We look forward to helping you buy only what works for you.

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