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Welcome to our annual catalog of unique and unusual gadgets!

Below you will find brief descriptions and prices for the wide range of low tech electronics gadgets we carry as well as a wide variety of leather products: bags, purses, backpacks, cell phone and other protective cases, and a variety of things that are called "waist packs, fanny packs, or bum bags."

We have many new products this year so please don't hesitate to ask questions and to contact us after meeting us at a conference or reading this catalog online at our website:

Note that our products always seem to be walking through the revolving door; our inventory changes frequently as we are always finding better bargains. If you want something, just tell us: if it has been ever classified as a "blind friendly" product, we can find it!

Shipping is almost never more than $10.00, and we try to keep it at a flat $5.00 on orders that fit in a padded envelope.

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, as well as payments through PayPal at the email address listed above.

Except for when products are determined by us to be broken and needing free replacement, there is a fifteen percent re-stocking fee to be applied against your credit for returned merchandise. Refunds are only permitted within thirty days of the date of sale.

Our new catalog highlights for which year include:

The manufacture of our own exclusive Talking Power Bank by Iwalk. Their small size, rapid charging ability, and speech announcement not only of the charging status of the bank but also a verbal announcement of when your item being charged is complete makes this a must-have for customers on the go!

New! A fashionable and highly protective RFID wallet $25.00;

New! A little leather pouch to easily store headphones or cables $5.00;

New! "AirPods" style true wireless headphones, some with charging cases, headphones at between one quarter and one half of the Apple price;


New! * Plantronics M. 180 Single Ear Bluetooth Earphone; this new model works with the newer bluetooth 4.0 and above protocols; it goes over your ear for comfort and security with the earbud then fitting securely; you can easily wear this all day without discomfort; "js in either ear; 7 hour talk time. Note: one customer with a latex allergy experienced skin irritation after use; $55.00. Best For People Who Hate Bluetooth Headphones;

New! * Axceed Wireless Over Ear Earbuds with Flexible Hook; I use these myself every day and love them; have not experienced any discomfort no matter how long I wear them; very convenient and reachable controls on ear pieces; speaks on/off and pairing functions; very stable signal reception for a bluetooth headphone; $60.00.

New! * Convertible Bluetooth Headphones/speakers There are three models with different ways to convert to speakers; with one, you simply pull off the outer ear covers; with another, you push a button that amplifies the sound and then turn the earcups outward; and with the third model; turning the earcups outward both amplifies the sound and converts them to speakers; brands include Flips, Radio Shack, and 'Ncredible $60.00 to $150.00, depending upon features.

New! * Dylan Marathon 2 Roll-Up Bluetooth Headphones; can be worn so as not to cover the ears; fits easily in your pocket and are comfortable; 6 hour talk time $65.00.

New! Lower Price "AirPods" Style Bluetooth Earphones; 3 models, one with a wire between the earbuds; the other two are truly wireless and have charging cases; prices from $40.00 to $80.00.

New! Beats by Dr. Dre Noise Cancelling Wired Earbuds; you know the brand; we found this incredible bargain on these very high priced earbuds $60.00.


New! * Neck Pouch; Has three compartments for phone, bills and credit cards; will support phones at right height for camera to be useful; multiple colors $15.00.

* Waist Packs; models include Jumbo (app. 13 inches long; Colossal (approximately 16 inches long) and other smaller sizes $30.00 - $50.00.

New! * Chest Pouch; Expandable Nylon can hold glasses and MyFi device, or just use it to hold your phone; rolls up to be easily carried in your pocket $25.00.

New! The Most Durable Phone or Gadget Case You Will Ever Find; made by Jamin' Leather, for motorcyclists who really require durability; this heavy duty leather case with one main and one outside zippered compartment can hold and protect your phone, your Trek, your Stream, or other small gadget; has both belt loops and a shoulder strap $20.00.

New! Assorted Heavy Duty Canvas Cell Phone Cases; we have several sizes of these really durable and crush resistant cases for Iphone SE to Iphone 8 Plus, and other models in between $15.00.

New! RFID Blocking Foldable Wallet; this brown leather wallet with six credit card and ID slot also has the desirable RFID blocking protection $25.00.

Ladies' Full Zipper Leather Wallet; Holds cards and bills securely - $25.00.


Embassy 22 Inch Utility Canvas Backpack $50.00.

Jamin' Leather Heavy Duty Cowhide Backpack; beautifully stitched and durable; rucksack type; heavy duty cowhide $90.00.

Jamin' Leather Convertible Sling Bag and Backpack; heavy duty cowhide for durability; approximately 10 inches deep $60.00.

Embassy Shoulder and Laptop Bag; I carry this myself and am still using the same one after 3 years; very limited quantity remains - $50.00.


IWalk Talking 10,000 MAH Power Bank; built in lightning and micro usb cables; rapidly charges up to two devices at once; speaks both charge of power bank and when device is fully charged; turns off automatically after two minutes' inactivity; approximate size of a pack of cigarettes; fully re-charges in five hours $65.00

New! * Disposable One Time Charger for Lightning and Micro USB Devices; 1500 MAH; gives approximately a 4 hour charge to your device; one by two by one inch; no cables needed; plugs right into device for charging; can be used while device is active; great gift $8. 00;

New! Portable 5 Port 40 Watt USB Charging Station; ideal with travel; 4 inches by 3 inches by one inch; has cord so does not need to be plugged directly into outlet; rapid charging with overload and surge protection $40.00;

New! International Travel Charger with Multiple Plug Tips; plugs directly into wall with 4 USB ports; European and Asian plug adapters $35.00.

50,000 MAH "Harmonica" Power Bank; very small; will charge your phone between 8 and 12 times without needing to be re-charged $50.00.


Tactile Ball Bearing Knock-Off (First Generation) choice of leather or mesh expansion band $70.00.

New! Second Generation Tactile Ball Bearing Watch (Silicone Band) $100.00.

New! 2nd Generation Improved Tactile Ball Bearing Watch; bearing channels closer to the center; stronger magnets; sound assisting with locating bearings; multiple colors, including pink; canvas or leather bands $150.00.

New! Affordable Silver Braille Pocket Watch with Chain; $50.00.

New! Braille Men's Style Watch; Silver; leather or expansion band; -- $35.00.

Combination Braille and Talking Larger Face Watch; Leather or Expansion Band $50.00.


We have all different kinds and lengths, including:

New! Magnetic Cables for Both Lightning and USB Devices; no more forcing plug into outlet; little magnet once inserted into device port connects magnetically to cable, eliminating the strain on the cable and your device from being plugged and unplugged - $25.00;

New! Heavy Duty Multiple Plug Six Foot Braided Cable; supports lightning, micro USB, and the type C adapter often found now in Android devices; $20.00;

Heavy Duty Braided Ten Foot USB to USB Type C Connector for Android Devices - $20.00;

Heavy Duty Braided Ten Foot Cables for Micro USB or Lightning Devices; $18.00;

New! iPhone Six Inch Heavy Duty Cable with Key Ring; has drape cord as part of cable; you never miss finding this in a bag $20.00

New! 2 in 1 Headphone adapter charging cable for iPhone 7 and above; this splitter allows you to simultaneously charge your phone while using wired headphones; sturdier than the iPhone Lightning headphone adapter; $12.00.


Plusinno Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Heavy Duty Clip; this triangular 3 inch speaker is loud yet lightweight; works as both bluetooth and wired speaker; sturdy clip can attach to just about anything $40.00;

New! Tadpole "Active" Miniature Bluetooth Speaker with Carabiner; this new version supports bluetooth 4.0 devices; 1"x 2" one button; 4 hour playing time; easy pairing $20.00.

New! Miniature Bluetooth Speaker # Carabiner; be tiny; $16.00.


"Sparking" Roller Ball Cane Tip; this hook tip that fits Ambutech canes has a small friction generator that causes the tip to spark as it rolls along the ground, making it possible to be seen at night; sparking mechanism appears to last about as long as the tip itself - $35.00;

Valerie Stanard - 816-429-8055; 816-859-0854.
Braille Touch to sell; $1,200.00.

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