Here is a sample of some of the fun and functional products we offer in our GuideLight Dogs line of products. Please call with any questions, requests, suggestions or need for assistance in finding the items that are just right for you and your dog!

**We carry all sizes, shapes and textures and "toughness" of dog toys. There should be a toy here for everyone! Please call Kae and together we will choose a toy just right for your dog: $5.00 - $35.00

**Hand-made AIRPORT LEASHES can get your dog through TSA Security Checkpoints without a pat-down: $15.00

**GUIDELIGHTS! Single bone-shape blinking lights for collar, leash, harness, backpack, purse, zipper or anywhere else you might think of to clip one on. These have blind-friendly switches, which allow the handler to determine if they are on or off. Gtreat for traveling in low-light conditions or even for decorating you and your dog for festive occasions! $5.00

**LED HARNESS LIGHT STRIPS provide visibility for you and your dog in low-light settings, where drivers and pedestrians may be less aware of your presence. This strip of six brightly flashing LED's attach to your dog's harness handle or leash with velcro straps, and will greatly increase the visibility of your team in low-light settings, both outdoors and indoors (such as dimly lit restaurants): $28.00

**Two-compartment HARNESS LUGGAGE attaches to your dog's harness handle (and can be combined with harness lights), providing carry space for food, collapsible food or water bowl (also available for $8), food, and waste bags, as well as personal items, such as keys, cards, cash, etc. Two sets of "luggage" may be mounted, one on each side of the handle. I personally choose to put 2 dog "booties" in one of the pouches, in case of unexpected escalator work: $18.00

**FUR LIFTERS, an essential tool for removing loose fur from the floor of a car, carpeted stairs or any other small area that is hard to reach with a vacuum. Just brush the area as you would brush your dog, and the loose hair will gather in a clump to be easily picked up and disposed of: $12.00

**COLAPSIBLE TRAVEL BOWLS, another essential for dogs and handlers on the go! Sizes range from 2 cups to 8 cup capacity. We also carry collapsible scoops in 1/2 and 1 cup sizes for measuring food The scoops clip conveniently onto the bag of food or a bowl (or both), keeping the bag closed in your backpack or luggage. All are made of food-grade silicone and can be safely placed in the dishwasher (top rack) for clean-up; $8.00 Ė $18.00

**DOUBLE COLAPSIBLE ZIP-TOGETHER SILICONE TRAVEL BOWLS are a personal favorite for travel. These come in 2 sizes: 2-cup or 3-cup. Two bowls are joined together around the rims with a zipper, which, when unzipped, pop up to hold food and water for you dog's meal. When finished, the bowls can for be collapsed, rezipped, and tossed back into your bag or backpack. No fuss, no mess! I love these products! $20 for 2-cup bowls; $27 for 3-cup bowls

**HANDS-FREE WASTE BAG CARRIER STRAP attaches easily to your dog's harness or leash. Used bags can be attached to the harness, so that you donít have to carry around the unsightly, and often otherwise objectionable package until you can locate a proper disposal container. This is a must-have for every dog handler! $6.00

**EARTHBATH DEODORIZING WIPES - Travel Size. These pleasantly-scented wipes are great for a quick clean-up, freshening or a finishing touch before a social event or an interview (dog odor can be a huge turnoff when you are trying to impress a potential employer as to how well you will fit in to the ever-all "atmosphere" of an office setting). Each package holds 25 wipes and the package is resealable. $8.00

**TOOTH & GUM CLEAING WIPES, are ideal when your doggo is one who runs at the sight of the toothbrush, or who attemps to consume the brush and toothpaste as you attempt, with questionable success, to get the job done. Use a finger to quickly wipe the teeth and gums and let the enzymatic liquid gently dissolve the plaque which is a major cause of gum disease in our dogs. Wipes come in a resealable container to retain freshness: $10.00

**LEATHER HIP PACK, a perfect size waist pack for when you want to carry treats for your dog and a few small items for yourself. Outer pouch holds plenty of "food reward" and has a magnetic snap closure. There is an additional zip pocket to hold keys, cards, money, waste bags, etc: $19.00

THE DE-FUR TOOL (for people) allows for a quick cleanup of dog fur and lint from clothing. Inch-long silicone "bristles" use electrostatic energy to lift hair from clothing or upholstery with just a few quick swipes. Great for a quick "go over" just before an interview or social event: $14.00

MULTI-HEAD GROOMING TOOL is an ingenious gadget that puts four different types of grooming essentials available for quick access from your grooming kit. The quick-release handle provides instant access to two interchangable grooming heads, each with two tool choices. One head offers a soft brush on one side and a slicker brush on the other, and the second head offers a comb for detangling and an undercoat rake for removing loose hair from under the top coat. Although this is not an item recommended for travel because of its size, it is a must-have for the at-home grooming kit, especially if you have multiple dogs with varying textures and/or lengths of coat. $25.00

COLLAR BELLS, essential for some of us sharing work and non-work time with dogs with inquiring minds that just NEED TO KNOW and want to check out EVERYTHING when they are off-duty. Being able to locate my dogs gives me sometimes critically helpful hints as to what they may be up to or into: $8.00

These are some of what you will find here at GuideLightDogs division of GuideLights and Gadgets!

These and lots, lots more! Call or write! We are here to help!

KaeAnn Rausch (Debra, Thor, and Melody, too!)
(781)286-1696, or by email at

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